“Expressway To Your Skull” Official Release on iTunes TODAY!

Exciting News!!!… “Expressway To Your Skull” has its Official VOD Release via iTunes TODAY! Thanks to BrainDamageFilms.com and CircusRoadFilms.com for helping to get the film distributed to a wider audience! Now you can view our dark and strange film streaming on one of the top VOD platforms available and for under $15! Buy it in HD for $12.99 or Rent it for $4.99… Also Thanks to WickedChannel.com and Moodz616(on Youtube) for their positive reviews of “Expressway”… both giving it a “7 out of 10” rating! Check out “Expressway To Your Skull” online today and thanks for stopping by…ETYS-iTunes-AvailabeNow-Post-12_1_15