“Expressway To Your Skull” Official DVD Release Today!


As the Writer / Producer / Director behind this project I can tell you that its been a long hard road leading up to the release of “Expressway” but I am glad to say that day is finally here. Today marks the Official DVD Release of this Psychedelic Horror-Thriller film that critics are calling “A trip well worth taking” and “One of the best horror films I have seen within its budgetary peers”… Currently “Expressway To Your Skull” is available right here for purchase as well as through our distributor’s website, Brain Damage Films, as well as on Amazon.com too. Further details of its release at other retail outlets and VOD platforms will be coming up shortly… For anyone from the seasoned horror/genre viewer to the newbie film lover looking to try something different and obscure we offer our micro-budget movie as an interesting trip out of the mainstream… Get Your Dose Today!