Casting Update — Katie Royer as “Cindy” — and more…

We know it has been a while since our last update to you and for good reason — We are literally weeks away from the Start of Production! With Pre-Production in full swing we wanted to give you a couple more updates on our progress before we actually begin shooting…

Here is the first one: This is our final casting update since we’ve found our “Cindy” (Charlie’s Main Victim) — embodied by the beautiful and talented¬†Katie Royer.

There were quite a number of actresses interested in the part but Katie seemed to be the natural fit from the start and we are very enthusiastic about her joining our team.

As for the rest of the production we are rounding out our crew with a handful of supremely talented and indie-friendly folks like our Production ManagerAlexander Atkins.

There’s still much much more work to do before we start shooting so I’m afraid I’ll have to keep this brief but rest assured we are moving full steam ahead and will keep you posted as to our progress along the way.

Again, Thank You All So Very Much for your continued support!

Have a Great Week!