A Big Thank You To All Of Our Backers From Expressway To Your Skull!

This post is in recognition of all the wonderful people out there who helped us exceed our goal of $25,000 this past month on Kickstarter. Without you we wouldn’t be where we are today – heading into production on November 5th!

It’s been a long but rewarding journey but we couldn’t have done it without these wonderful, wonderful people listed below.  Without further ado a HUGE thank you goes to:

Chris Sanchez
Kevin Snyder
Marianne Johnson
Sarah Kilgore
Timothy Britton
Bich Vu
Doris Boseke
Kurtis Lee Hermes
Ed Pechar
Kiefer Sutherland
Kristian Hansen
Jon Cooney
Anthony Guetti
Jennifer Phang
Maria Trimbell
Reuben Vega
Paula Vega
 Veronica Mannion
Michelle Reid
Jason Slowick
Nancy Johnston
Paul Rose
Chiqui Orama
Linda and Rob Quarles
Anne Marie Sten
Paul Perry
Tommy Tripodes
Priscilla Woolworth
Jeremy Lundborg
Carolyn Rogers
Victoria Powells Conway
Mike Hazard
Rebecca Young
Jeff Eissenstat
Clint Riffo
Martha LeFevre
Timothy McGuire
Caroline Macey
Mike Reali
T.J. Tamayo
Greg LeFevre
Sanjin Malesevic
Mark LeFevre
Patrick German
Doug Atwood
Bob McKeon
Frank Palise
Gabe Raines
Angie Hohenadel
Toni C. Mullins
Robert Prinz
Iliana Figueroa
Vanessa Leigh
Tammy Atwood
Boris Undorf
Aaron Lindquist
Joe Keegan
Melissa Silva
Cambria Bradley
Dianik Guisao Romanelli
Mark Stolaroff
Danny Kim
Jose Gonzalez
Fellice Callans
Anthony Devincenzi
Louise Harding
Matthew Pugnetti
Mike Shafia
Helen Winn
Jude Cole
Ron Winn
Michele Montalvo
 Fred Holley
Claribel Pichardo
Paul Tracey
Saki Ory
Kelly Emberg
Casey Dacanay
Carol Weinschenker
Matthew Renoir
Lawrence Ott
Mark Byland
Ruby Stewart
Eric Okdeh
Michael Rost
Rachael Gorchov
Jennifer Dietrich
Jeff Waite
Mark Dischler
Carmen T. Palise
Charlie and Linda Britton
Leslie Andrew Ridings
Audrey Figueroa
Cassandra Siemon
Susan Rogers
Jackie Sarratt
Nicole Joniec
Ben Ja
Christopher Ayson
Marine M. Goss
Laura and Greg Britton
Kelly Sutherland
David and Iliana Okum
C.J. Jones
Regina Rogers
Mark Keller
Janice Winn
Scott Dawson
Mark, Natalie and Nigel Smith
Steve Dawson
Peggy Winn

Thank you so much again for all of your faith, support, and belief in this project. We promise we will not let you down!

More updates are coming soon so please stay tuned.

– Mike, Julian and the ETYS Team