Kickstarter is LAUNCHED and The Newest Addition To Our Crew

If you haven’t had the opportunity to check out our Kickstarter campaign, you can find it here:

HELLO! … to all You wonderful Backers out there… We WELCOME YOU along on our creative journey in making this feature film project a reality! It’s been a long time coming to get to this point and we are just getting warmed up!

This is our First Update – Today is Day 4 of the Campaign and we have EXCITING NEWS for you!!!

We have just officially added the very talented, up-an-coming Special FX Artist Tommy Pietch to our crew! Tommy is being featured on the SyFy Channel’s Reality Show “Face Off” (Season 3 Premiering

August 21st). Needless to say we are really pleased to have Tommy on board and eager to put him to work!

This great news is all the more incentive for all of us – the cast and crew – as well as YOU, our support team – to keep doing everything in our power to make this film project happen. We could not have gotten to this point without your help and we sure as hell can’t reach our goal 26 days from now without more backers and more support.We have definitely made some very good progress so far and it is still early in the game. We can feel the excitement behind this project rising with each passing day – but the key to it is teamwork. And as of today you can be assured that the core team behind this campaign is doing everything it can to reach our goal by Sept. 10th.

And now that we have another strong crew member added to the fray we are confident that our chances of success are that much greater.

So Please STAY TUNED! We have alot more exciting news and updates on the way including special cast member interviews premiering soon and other surprises in the coming weeks.

THANK YOU once again for your support.

— Michael Okum – Writer / Director