Scary Spring 2016 Sale – DVD / CD / Poster Combo

To any of our core friends and supporters out there or any newbies as well… We have a great offer for you.  Get a DVD copy of “Expressway”, a copy of the Soundtrack CD, and a Movie Poster… all for $18.99.  This is our Scary Spring Sale and its going on for the next 10 weeks or so… until mid June.  So take advantage of this limited time offer and get a bunch of cool stuff in an awesome combo pack. Did we mention free shipping?  Yep… that’s included… So don’t delay… Get Your Dose Today!


“Expressway To Your Skull” named one of the best films of the year!


“Expressway To Your Skull” was named #9 in the Top 20 Best Films of the Year from We also recently garnered favorable reviews from AintItCoolNews and WeAreIndieHorror.  At this point we are super grateful for all the positive reviews our film has received and definitely feel the love from the independent horror community. Here’s to Bigger and Better things on the horizon for Mad Wolf Productions going into 2016!

“Expressway To Your Skull” Now Playing ON DEMAND…


The Official VOD Release of “Expressway To Your Skull” is finally here just in time for the end of 2015 and the holiday season. As the image above illustrates… “ETYS” is now available streaming online through these platforms: iTunes, Google Play, Vimeo On Demand, Amazon On Demand, VUDU, Microsoft, Playstation, YouTube and HOOPLA… for as little as $3.99. So… basically if you have an internet connection you can catch this film that recently called “a cut above most in the slasher game!”

“Expressway To Your Skull” Official Release on iTunes TODAY!

Exciting News!!!… “Expressway To Your Skull” has its Official VOD Release via iTunes TODAY! Thanks to and for helping to get the film distributed to a wider audience! Now you can view our dark and strange film streaming on one of the top VOD platforms available and for under $15! Buy it in HD for $12.99 or Rent it for $4.99… Also Thanks to and Moodz616(on Youtube) for their positive reviews of “Expressway”… both giving it a “7 out of 10” rating! Check out “Expressway To Your Skull” online today and thanks for stopping by…ETYS-iTunes-AvailabeNow-Post-12_1_15

“Expressway To Your Skull” Official DVD Release Today!


As the Writer / Producer / Director behind this project I can tell you that its been a long hard road leading up to the release of “Expressway” but I am glad to say that day is finally here. Today marks the Official DVD Release of this Psychedelic Horror-Thriller film that critics are calling “A trip well worth taking” and “One of the best horror films I have seen within its budgetary peers”… Currently “Expressway To Your Skull” is available right here for purchase as well as through our distributor’s website, Brain Damage Films, as well as on too. Further details of its release at other retail outlets and VOD platforms will be coming up shortly… For anyone from the seasoned horror/genre viewer to the newbie film lover looking to try something different and obscure we offer our micro-budget movie as an interesting trip out of the mainstream… Get Your Dose Today!

Our First TWO reviews are in… Both overwhelmingly positive!

HorrorSociety-Review-ScreenshotThis past week has seen the first TWO advance reviews of “Expressway To Your Skull” and in both cases each writer had overwhelmingly positive things to say about our film. Needless to say we are very grateful.
Thanks to Michael Haberfelner at Search My and especially BIG THANKS to Michael DeFellipo, Senior Editor at Horror Society for the RAVE review! I’ll try not to let this early buzz go to my head… or go Expressway to My Skull! (crickets…)

World Premiere in New Jersey and Radio Interview


“Expressway To Your Skull” had a BIG week last week with our Official World Premiere at the New Jersey Film Festival! HUGE Thanks to Al Nigrin for being the mastermind behind the whole event! I’d also like to thank all my wonderful friends and family for showing up despite the freezing cold weather! It was a really amazing experience with a packed audience and a Q&A session after the film.

I was also fortunate to have the opportunity to do a radio interview on local NJ station WCTC with host Bert Baron. You can play the entire interview here: 

… Or check it out on our PRESS page. Also few choice photos from the premiere event are posted on our facebook page which you can access at the top right of our homepage above. Here’s looking forward to Bigger and Better things as we continue moving forward in 2015!

Moving Forward in 2015 – World Premiere and End of the Year Update

ETYS Web Update – Dec 2014

For our year end update We are very pleased to announce that Expressway has been accepted and will World Premiere at the New Jersey Film Festival in February of 2015. The New Jersey Film Festival is a long-running bastion of independent film now in its 33rd year. Any interested parties local to the New York / New Jersey area should definitely try to make it out for the screening.

In other news we’re proud to be newly represented by Circus Road Films — a company devoted to working with filmmakers to secure film festival exposure, press and distribution through their multi-faceted services.

Beyond that we look forward to sharing more news about the further success of Expressway in the coming months. Consider joining our mailing list for up to date news. Thanks for stopping by…